How Groom Should Dress for his Salsa Dance Lessons and Houston, Texas Wedding Dance

Proper Salsa Dance Attire for the Groom

dance3You must have been planning all your best dance moves on your wedding day. If that is so, it is important for the groom to wear the proper attire when you do your wedding first dance with your soon to be wife. Take note that you take half of the effort needed to do a well-choreographed dance especially if Salsa dancing is what being talked about here. The men is usually the one taking the lead and you can effectively do this is you are comfortable with what you are wearing. If you ask your dance instructor during your wedding Salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX, here are some tips that he or she would probably want to share you.

For the groom:

For your hair, make sure that it is well-groomed. No hair bangs should fall onto your eye view so that you could see every dance move you are doing. Consult the hairdresser you hired on how you can keep your clean and shake proof.

Salsa male dancers wear a light clothing to make it more comfortable for him. A light button down dress shirt and a bit tighter dress pant is formal and comfortable at the same time. Bring an extra shirt just in case. As for accessories, keep in mind that any of it are referred to as scratchers. Yes, accessories like watch and wrist bling could scratch your dance partner. Rings are considered as a scratcher too but for you don’t even want to remove your wedding ring. Just make sure that you are extra careful with it. These accessories actually hurt and would be a bit awkward if it get stuck on your dance partner’s dress or hair.

Eye glasses may be part of your everyday routine but it is also a big no when it comes to Salsa dancing. While you are giving your all, your expensive pair of spectacles could be knocked out and stepped on. For someone who is relying too much for his eyeglasses, this is the biggest disaster. Why not wear eye contacts instead and let everyone see how handsome you really are without your glasses. If you really insist on wearing your glasses during your dance, an eyeglass chain will do.

For Salsa dancing even during your wedding Salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX, leather shoes is the best choice. Sneakers are will slow you down when you do your dance. You need one that can make you move swiftly and smoothly even on wooden floor.

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