All You Need to Know About How to Prepare for Wedding

Now that you finally are engaged, it is time to officially prepare everything for the big day. Just like anything else in life, preparation is the secret to a successful and fabulous occasion. A wedding is one of the events that would ultimately take much of your muscles, ideas and most of all, time. Here are some practical tips on how to prepare for your wedding.

Wedding Diary

The very first thing that every couple should prepare is the wedding diary, which may come in the form of a folder or a binder. This diary should be the bible of the couple until the final wedding preparations. Carry this diary whenever you go because you’ll never know when and where a brilliant idea may come into your mind. Take down notes on ideas that you encounter in magazines, commercials and books you come across with. This way, you won’t forget a thing.


Another important thing that you will need to work out is the budget for the wedding. Start by determining how much money you can spend, including your parent’s contributions and your own. Actually, setting a budget is quite easy, if you just follow this basic rule: plan a wedding within your means. Problems arise when it comes to sticking to the budget. You may ask yourself this question: Is spending this amount of money really worth it for the both of us? In the end, needing a couple or more years to pay off the wedding party is not a good way to start a married life.

Guest List

Right after you determine how much budget you have, start head counting your guests both to the ceremony and the reception. You can keep the list of those who are invited in your wedding diary. Make sure also to include relevant information about the guests such as their complete address, contact information and other pertinent details. This way, you can estimate how many will be sent with the invitations and how many are actually attending. One way to estimate the attendants is to send the invitations early with RSVP so that the recipient will have time to respond to your invitation.

Date and Venue

As soon as you get an estimate of the number guests and having set a budget, it’s time to reserve the date and the venue. Decide if you will have a separate location for the ceremony and the reception. If you decide to do so, make sure to consider the time of travel between the two places. Other factors to consider when setting a date and venue are your work schedules, the day of week and the family’s schedules, especially when one’s family lives far from the designated venue. Also, make sure to set alternative dates when a particular day is not possible. Find a perfect wedding venue throughout the US.

Photographers, Florists, Officiating Person and Caterers

Contact the officiating person for your wedding weeks or months before the scheduled day. Whether it is a priest, a pastor or a judge, make sure to meet them personally before the wedding. Research on your favorite florist, caterers and photographers and make sure that these people are available to be of service on the day of your wedding. Find perfect wedding florist, caterers and photographers throughout the US.

Other things that you should prepare may include but not limited to on how to prepare for wedding:

  • wedding rings
  • wedding dress
  • wedding cake
  • groomsmen and bridesmaid
  • sponsors
  • the honeymoon afterwards
  • entertainers
  • souvenirs
  • wedding limo

Your wedding is surely one of the most exciting days in your life, but with all the preparations to make it can knock you off your feet. Thus, it is important that you take time to yourself. Appreciate everyone’s effort but set aside time for yourself to shake off the stress and nervousness. Stay connected to the man or woman whom you want to marry because after all, it’s both your day.